Schedule of Classes 

Welcome to Roots Yoga’s website. Thank you for coming. Root’s Yoga is a yoga studio in Downtown Hawley, Pa. The schedule at Roots includes a variety of class offerings from restorative yoga to strong vinyasa flow practices. Roots also offers workshops and retreats; as well as, one-on-one private yoga sessions and private group yoga for companies, bachelorette  parties, etc. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information. Namaste.


Roots Yoga is Moving Locations! 

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with ElmTree Wellness Center at 2489 US 6 Suite 6 Gresham’s Landing, Hawley, Pa.
Classes will begin at the new location Thursday, March 15th. The schedule will be as follows:
6pm Open Level with Maggie- A class for all levels, some yoga experience recommended.
10am Yin Yang with Debbie- Stretch and Relax. The balance of flexibility and strength is critical to preventing injury and staying strong for all your daily activities!
11:30am Chair Yoga with Debbie
6pm Aerial Yoga Start Date TBD
6pm Yoga Basics with Maggie- A great way to learn the fundamentals of the practice. If you have never done yoga before, we recommend this class. If you are an experienced practitioner this is also a great class for you to practice alignment.
10am Stretch and Flow with Maggie- Enjoy movement with breathe. In this class, we will also hold some postures to practice good structural alignment.
11:30am Chair Yoga with Jen
5pm Yin Yoga with Eileen- Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time—it may range from two minutes to five minutes. The postures are designed to stretch the deeper muscle fibers and are mostly done on the floor. Props are used to achieve comfort and support.
9:30am Stretch and Flow with Maggie
11:30am Family Yoga with Maggie- Bring the little ones for an interactive, engaging, fun practice! No age limit, all are welcome. Yoga is a great way to connect with your family. Adults can enjoy some practice time as well, while spending time with the whole family!
1pm Aerial Yoga Start Date TBD
10am Stretch and Flow with Maggie or Nancy
ElmTree is a full service Physical Therapy and Wellness Center with services including Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Exercise Classes, and TRX classes, just to name a few.
All current class cards will remain valid until the end of April. Looking forward to having you in class at Roots Yoga at ElmTree Wellness.